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Engaging, interactive, and multidisciplinary solutions for learning & development

Are you stuck in cookie-cutter learning and development programs? 

Are your teams bored or disengaged? 

Are you overwhelmed with the many options in the market that just don't fit your needs or reflect your company? 


If you are looking for programs and courses that are:

- meaningful and human-centered

- reflect the spirit and creativity of your company,

- drive your mission and impact forward

Let's work together. Book a call to get started now. 

Group Seflie
Networking Group

Atlas & Axis
Learning + Development


We facilitate learning, development and discovery - for teams, organizations, and communities. 

We have deep experience in impact-driven organizations, working with vulnerable communities, and managing diverse + international teams. 

  • Innovation

  • Social Impact

  • Entrepreneurship for Social Change

  • Creativity

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Culture 

  • Team Building

  • Wellbeing

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Image by Jason Goodman

Systems Mapping

for Social Change

workshop series to introduce systems thinking and mapping for problem solving

full course | taster or intro session available


Entrepreneurship for

Emerging Leaders

workshop series designed for young entrepreneurs,

available for 12+ years of age, teens, and young adults

8 sessions+

Image by Mathilde Langevin

Playing with Words

creative writing workshop, play with rhythm and repetition 

1+ session

no writing experience necessary

Image by Rachael Gorjestani

Play & Perspectives

visual art and mixed media workshop, to help individuals or organizations explore their identity & purpose

3+ sessions

no art experience necessary 

Distance Learning

Hero of My Story

a guided approach to discovering your personal vision

The course draws from the approaches of design thinking, systems thinking, action learning, and coaching. Build individual self-awareness, confidence, and direction. 

By the end of the course, you will have a clear personal vision, a data and experience driven understanding of yourself, and a plan of action for the next stage of your personal and/or professional development. 

full course, 12+ sessions |

taster or intro session available

Support Group

Connecting with Your Creative Voice

We are all creative. As we get older and go through school and other experiences, sometimes our creative voice can drown, weaken, or feel lost.

The course combines live creative ‘studio’ work with independent exploration beyond the group sessions.


Join live exercises and challenges that spur creativity and self-discovery.


You will leave this course with a deeper understanding of your creative voice and how to use it to ground and strengthen your work in any industry, “creative” or not. 

full course, 12+ sessions |

taster or intro session available

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