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How to simplify your holiday season

We're approaching Christmas! And if you're not feeling the holiday rush yet, you're in the calm before the storm. The end of the year and new year holidays can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be! Refresh your holiday spirit with these steps to simplify:

Step One: Go back to the basics

Ask yourself, what is important to me about the holiday season? Is it my faith? Is it family? Is it the joy of giving? Is it the food? Is it the wonderful excuse to bring the people I love together? Is it the rest from work?

Don't let advertisements and peer pressure take you away from the reason that you like to celebrate. Reflect on what matters to you, and choose one - one! - priority for this year's season.

Yes, choose one. The rest will come with the holiday rush, so get your one priority sorted now.

Step Two: Save some slow time in your calendar

Before your calendar gets overbooked with parties, dinners, get togethers, whether in-person or on-screen - go through your calendar and save empty blocks of time so you can... slow down.

Yes, I do mean: blocked out calendar slots that look empty! There are many things that will quickly eat up your calendar - end-of-year work cramming, last minute errands, holiday parties, and commitments you made ages ago that you've forgotten.

So, before the holidays carry your time away, set aside some holiday space for you to slow down. Add in 30-minute and 60-minute blocks throughout the holiday season - try to plug in at least four of these slow down slots. Creatively name each calendar event so you will be inspired to slow down and step away from the holiday rush.

Step Three: Trim away the unnecessary

Trim your Christmas tree, if you have one. And trim away the unnecessary tinsel and stress from your holidays.

The key to this step three in simplifying your holiday season, is to... keep it simple. Holidays do not have to be overwhelming, you can choose to keep and honor only the traditions that matter to you.

And for the holiday commitments and obligations that you feel like you just can't get out of, see if you can find a way to dial them down or shift your perspective. Not everything has to be 1000% percent holiday energy!

Remember the priority you set in step one? Let that one priority be your guiding principle for enjoying, savoring, and celebrating the holiday season.

May your holidays be full of joy and celebration!

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