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Our physical health - a simple approach

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

"Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year."
-Franklin P Adams

There are many aspects to good health. Often it is only when our health turns poor that we look back to appreciate or long for our seasons of better health. Particularly when it comes to physical health we may not even notice when we are at our best; but that's the thing about good health - it provides us with the body and energy to live to our fullest.

These three

A simple and memorable approach that I picked up (and never let go!) years ago from a doctor who practices holistic medicine, is to focus on these three foundational elements for our physical wellbeing:

  • nutritious food

  • exercise in the sun

  • good sleep

Three simple elements, but yet so easy to get out of balance. Food. Exercise. Sleep

Looking back at just the past week - how would you score yourself in these three areas?

How nutritious and energizing has your meal plan been?

How much movement did your body experience? And was it in the sun?

How was the quality and length of your sleep?

Start somewhere. Start small.

Choose one element that you'd like to improve or nurture this week, and one (simple!) action you can do. Here are some ideas for each area:

Nutritious food:

  • Sunday smoothie: add a Sunday (fruit/veg) smoothie to your meal plan

  • Rainbow plate: go colorful with your fresh produce purchase - try to choose fruit and veg to match the colors of the rainbow to add variety (and nutrition!) to your meals.

  • Snack attack: swap out one of your least healthy snacks, with something more nutritious (I'll leave the details up to you!)

Exercise in the sun:

  • Sun space: Find the area in your living space that gets the most sun and take note of the time of day when it shines bright in that space. Use that space for your next workout.

  • Move with friends: Find a friend to workout with and set a first date! If you are neighbors - take a walk together. If you're long-distance friends (or physically-distanced friends) - book a video call.

  • Walk it out: When all else fails, my simplest and go-to movement medicine is a walk outside. Sometimes it's as short as a walk around the block, or sometimes it's a whole afternoon excursion.

Good sleep:

  • Fresh sheets: Give your beddings a good wash or replace any old pillows and duvets.

  • Early to bed: Allow yourself some time to wind down. If you aim to sleep at a certain hour, slow down at least an hour before then - turning down bright lights or having a cup of (caffeine-free) tea. Set a calendar notification to remind you, if that helps.

  • Caffeine cut-off: Set a daily cut-off time for caffeine intake. I usually can't take coffee past 4pm, or else my brain will be hard at work and buzzing when it's time for bed.

Struggling to get these three in balance?

You can book a coaching session to explore practical and personal steps for you.

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