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Struggling to find your direction & motivation after a long holiday? Here are 5 actions to help you

We've all been there - struggling to get back to our pre-holiday rhythms of work, wellbeing, and day to day life. We needed the vacation that we just enjoyed, but we're having a hard time coming back to "reality."

You know what it's like. It feels like brain jet lag when you haven't even flown any where. You're going through the motions of getting ready for the day, opening up your laptop, keeping up with correspondence, showing up to meetings - but you're not yet 100% back, you're not 100% here.

If you're trying to make your way back to a focused rhythm with clear direction and motivation, but you don't feel like anything is working, try any or all of these 5 activities to get you back on track.

1: Schedule time for reclaiming your direction & motivation - and make it special

Sometimes we're struggling because we're not making time for focused processing.

Put a special date in your calendar for a meeting with yourself. Make it special by choosing a setting that is different (like your favourite cafe or library) or by preparing a treat to go with the meeting (a delicious meal or go-to cocktail).

Write down a few questions you'd like to explore surrounding your direction and motivation in your current season of career, relationships, wellbeing, or personal development.

2: Process with pen & paper

If you've always got a screen in front of you or you're dashing between one task to another throughout the day - slow things down by going analog. Take out the largest sheet of paper you can find, sticky notes, markers, and pens.

Brainstorm. Draw. Journal. Write a letter to yourself.

Get your creative juice flowing, while encouraging your brain to slow down and process by physically writing (and not just typing and scrolling.

3: Map out a rhythm or routine for the week or weeks ahead

Revisit your calendar. Rebuild the workings of a rhythm or routine in your life.

You can start by blocking in 1 to 3 activities that were staples or key touch points in your pre-holiday life. This could be a weekly workout that always got you energised, your afternoon walk around the block, or even after-work drinks with your colleagues. Plug these back into your calendar and see if they help get you back in a groove.

Consider 1 healthy practice, 1 creative or fun activity, and 1 social gathering you can add to your week - not necessarily on a weekly basis, but just to try in the weeks ahead.

4: Build some momentum by setting bite-sized goals and completing them

Break down a few goals you have for the coming month into smaller goals and tasks.

Choose three of these smaller tasks, making sure they are achievable and time-bound goals and take them on. Create opportunities for quick wins that will make you feel good and give you a sense of accomplishment. Get the tasks done! Then celebrate the win - no matter how small.

When you're ready, tackle the next three small tasks. And you're on your way!

5: Talk and reflect through the process with a trusted friend (or coach!)

Call or meet a friend. Your agenda? Talking through your process of re-finding your direction and motivation.

Talk through your roadblocks and challenges. Ask for reflection or encouragement. Keep it real, authentic, and supportive. And make sure to verbally commit to one small but positive action you'll take in your process in the days after meeting.

Not sure who your trusted friend is for this process? Ask me today about a complimentary coaching session to help you rediscover your direction and motivation.

Choose one of the actions in this list. Today is a good day to start.

Remember, getting back on track takes time and intention.

Be kind to yourself in the process, but give yourself a challenge!


You can THRIVE in every season

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You can thrive too!

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