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Three ways to ground yourself during times of change and transition

We all have seasons of change and transition. Here are three ways you can stay grounded during these seasons.

1 - Bring yourself back to your physical space and your body

When we’re going round and round in our thoughts, we can get carried away in what-ifs or should-haves, playing out scenarios, or playing back memories. In the process we may end up creating a little black hole or a spinning tornado of thoughts for us to get completely lost in. When this happens, take yourself back to where you are in the physical and tangible world.

To ground yourself in this way:

  • Look around the room and identify three things you see.

  • Clap your hands, stomp your feet, or give yourself a hug or squeeze.

  • Take five deep breaths.

What do these steps do? They help bring you back into your physical environment, temporarily distract you from your thoughts, and allow you some space to re-ground in your body and breath.

2 - Remember your purpose or your destination

It can be hard to keep our eye on the destination when we’re going through change and transition. We’re often working on the challenge of just staying afloat in the middle of choppy waters! Who can keep their eye on a destination beyond our line of vision?

To ground yourself by remembering your purpose or your destination:

  • Bring to mind a mental picture of your destination. Where are you going?

(Tip: If you’re on a long journey or process, choose your next checkpoint or pitstop as a destination for this exercise. Breaking down your journey helps you keep a manageable perspective, staying grounded and not overwhelmed.)

  • Consider why this journey, transition, or destination is important to you.

  • Think about how it will feel to make a bit of progress!

3 - Reconnect with your values

Even through change and transition, it’s important that we live and act in line with our values. It is often in times of change that are values are also the most tested and stretched. When we are misaligned or when we sacrifice an important value in our life - the consequences can go beyond

To ground yourself by reconnecting with your values:

  • Think about one personal or life value (just one!) that is really important to you

  • What does this value mean to you? What does it look like in action in your life?

  • How might living out this value today, help you ground yourself in your season of change


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