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Three ways to start every month on a good note

Set the tone for a great month ahead with these three steps.

1. Close the chapter of the previous month. Turn the page.

Pause, take stock, and take a breath. Don't underestimate the power of a brief, but intentional pause.

Closing the chapter of the previous month can look a little different for each person and the needs you have in each month. You might like to 'close the chapter' in terms of the physical world - doing a deep clean of your home or getting a satisfying sweat session in your workout calendar. You might also do this in the less tangible sense of revisiting your to - do list and crossing out finished tasks, taking an afternoon to sort out life admin, or having a good look at the state of your finances.

If you need guide for a more reflective closing of the chapter - read: Three energizing questions to ask yourself at the end of each month.

2. Set clear intentions. Design your month calendar to reflect and pursue these intentions.

Set a clear intention for your new month. Keep it simple.

Choose one area of your life in which you feel you can make some positive changes or where you can grow. Do you want to to see growth in your health or wellbeing? In your finances? Career? Relationships?

Set a clear intention.

Then take out your calendar or planner.

  • First, see if there are things in your calendar that fight or conflict with your intention. Can you take these activities out of your calendar?

  • Second, block out time in your month for rest and re-energizing. Even if you choose a weekend day, block the time out so it won't be booked by anything else, and label it something like: REST.

  • Third, how can you pursue your intention for the month? What activities or space do you need to create in your calendar? Add these into your calendar.

3. Start the month by doing something you love.

Again, keep this simple.

Maybe it's a neighborhood walk, maybe it's a phone call with a friend. Maybe it's cooking your favorite dish or ordering in from your favorite takeaway. It could also be visiting your cross fit gym, or hosting cocktail hour with your colleagues.

Go big, or go small - the choice is yours! Just start the month by doing something you love!


Go a step further and talk to your coach or a trusted friend about starting your month on a good note!

If you are looking for someone to speak to, book a complimentary coaching session with me! Complimentary sessions are absolutely free.

Through coaching, I help leaders navigate and overcome obstacles with clarity and confidence.

You deserve a coach in your corner.

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