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What can I expect at my first coaching session?

Updated: Feb 23

If you are like many of our clients at Atlas & Axis Coaching, your coaching journey with us is your very first experience with coaching. It's a privilege to be part of your exploration and introduction to the coaching journey.

Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach. And it begins with your first coaching session.

Some questions you may have about getting started with coaching:

How long are our coaching calls?

At Atlas & Axis coaching, our standard coaching session is 45 minutes.

What platform do we use for the coaching session? Do we need to use video?

When you book on our website, the standard coaching call is set up via video conferencing on Zoom. You may also request to have audio-only calls or to use a different communication channel such as WhatsApp or FaceTime. If you have other accessibility requests, do not hesitate to ask. We are also able to coach via chat or message.

I am a new client and I'm on the fence about coaching. How do I give coaching a try?

New clients can always avail of a complimentary coaching session. These are absolutely free sessions. If you are not ready for a coaching session and would just like to speak to us and ask your questions, book a 30-minute connect call here.


This is how you can expect the conversation to flow with your coach:

1: Introductions / Setting the stage for the session: Ask any questions or bring up any concerns you have about the coaching process

2: Dive into the coaching conversation - this may start with you sharing a goal or an idea that you would like to explore

3: At the end of the session, share 1-2 key insights/reflections and commit to action

When we part at the end of our session, you can expect to:

- have gained clarity or perspective on the challenge that you brought to our coaching session,

- feel seen and heard,

- be energized to act with confidence in the area of your life in which you seek to grow.


In addition your coach will always honour these three things about your coaching session:

1: Confidentiality. You coaching session is private and confidential. No details of your conversation will be shared outside of the session.

2: You are in control. The coach is your guide and facilitator in the coaching process. But as the client, you have control to set boundaries, re-orient the conversation, or pause or stop the process at any point in time.

3: This is your safe space to use in the way that best supports you today. We follow your agenda. We work on the priorities that are most important to you. Let your coach know what you need or expect from the session.

Learn more about how to get started with coaching and client testimonials here.

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