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Online via Zoom

Coaching Session

45-minute one-to-one coaching session

  • 45 minutes
  • Online Session


Navigate and overcome the obstacle you face today, with clarity and confidence. What area of your life needs navigation, clarity, or alignment? Clients like you come to the coaching experience for support in different areas of their lives - from their leadership journey to business/career development, from personal growth to relationships, from untangling a short term problem to defining a long term plan of action. Without the support of coaching, competent and impactful individuals like you... - miss out on present opportunities - second-guess decisions - freeze without a plan of action - get disoriented in the course of a feasible challenge - lose their voice WITH the support of coaching, you will journey... - from tentative to confident - from confusion to clarity - from facing an obstacle to conquering it You deserve to have a coach in your corner.

Cancellation Policy

You will receive an email reminder about your booking 24 hours ahead of your appointment. Cancel or reschedule at least 6 hours in advance by logging into your account on the website. If you cannot honor your reservation, and you do not cancel or re-book online, your appointment will be marked as a "no-show." If you booked the appointment as part of a coaching plan, you will no longer be able to redeem this appointment in the future. If you booked the appointment as a complimentary session, you will no longer be able to book a free session. If you cannot log into your account, email

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