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lead your team to thrive and deliver in every season 

with the support of my learning & development

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Are you a manager, small business owner, or HR professional supporting small teams of 3 to 8 people?

Do you need a way to support your team on an individual and collaborative level, but don't know where to start? 

  • You are the leader or manager of your team and already have a lot on your plate outside of managing learning and development solutions

  • Your team is going through a challenging season at work

  • You feel like members of your team are feeling stuck or stagnant in their personal development

  • Your team needs support but other solutions do not cater to the specific needs of your small team 

  • As a team you are not able to work at your best or deliver the desired results

  • You want to provide personal and professional development opportunities but don't know where to begin

If this is you and your team, you will benefit from the support of my Atlas & Axis Team Coaching & Facilitation packages.


You'll have the support and tools you need as a manager, to lead your team to thrive in the season you are in

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   Your plan to lead your team to thrive   

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The program is designed for teams of 3 to 8

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Meet with me and explore team options

I offer signature or bespoke team packages

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Start your new journey with your team & thrive as their manager! 

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I understand how overwhelming it can be to lead and manage a small team, juggling day to day work rhythms; alongside needing to deliver on leadership, learning, and development opportunities for every team member. 

I have helped clients like you find clarity, confidence, and a path forward for their teams.

When we work together, on an individual level you and your team members will have clarity and confidence as you navigate personal and professional lives.


With the support of individual and group coaching - on a team level you will:

  • Deepen connection within the team

  • Ground your work in shared values 

  • Clarify direction

  • Work collaboratively and harmoniously

  • Deliver results 

Without the support of my coaching and facilitation programs:

  • You will lose time and resources trying solutions that don't work and only deal with surface level issues

  • Your team members will feel undervalued and will lose motivation

  • You will hold your team back from delivering on your goals

  • You will continue to be stuck and stagnant as a team

Are you ready to turn things around? 

Book a connect call with me and tell me about your team! 

- Nathania Aritao (Tanya)

Certified Professional Coach by Elite Coaching Center 
(76 ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours)

Certified Innovation Facilitator

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 

University of Oxford MBA,

RSA Fellow,

Davis UWC Scholar

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   What clients say   


"...the most productive 30 minutes I have had in moving my ideas

to the next level."

My 30-minute session with Tanya allowed me to bring more structure to the chaotic plans I had laid out for my business venture for this year.


Tanya assumes the position of a listener, mirror and thought-amplifier all while making me remain in control of my decision-making process. This has been the most productive 30 minutes I have had in moving my ideas to the next level. I highly recommend getting a taste of her coaching experience.

David Opoku 

Founder, adoore Group

data & technology industry

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Book your complimentary coaching session today

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What my coaching clients say

"I feel like I'm finally moving forward."

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