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5 Quick and Active Energizers to Get You Unstuck (in 5 minutes or less!)

We all have those days when things just don’t seem to be going our way. Your mind is all over the place and you can’t keep to a task for more than a few minutes before your brain calls you to another thought or thing you forgot to do. Or the opposite happens. You’ve been focusing on one single area of work and you’re going around in circles and feeling stuck.

Here’s a list of quick and active energizers that you can do in 5 minutes or less - to get your heart rate going, to release tension, to help you get unstuck and refocused.

1 - Take a dance break

Step away from the screens and desk, and into your own 5-minute dance floor. Put on a good song, close your eyes if it helps, and just shimmy, groove, strut, moonwalk, boogie, head bang, rave, or sway yourself away for the length of the song!

Pro tip: Have a go-to playlist of songs that do not fail to get you on your feet and dancing.

2 - Walk around the block

In the current hybrid and work from home models of working, we can go many hours without leaving our desk or our homes. Take a quick break by walking around the block.

3 - Stretch and massage your neck and shoulders

There is so much tension packed into our shoulders, neck, and head. Step away from the screens and desk and go through the following exercises in order:

  1. Release your shoulders - shoulder rolls: roll your shoulders up and forwards, drawing circles in a forward motion x 8 times ; reverse to backward circles x 8 times

  2. Relax your shoulders - with your right hand, massage the space between your left shoulder and neck x 10 secs; then switch to the other side

  3. Loosen up your neck - head tilts -

    • tilt your head gently so your right ear drops toward your right shoulder and hold for 4 secs; do the left side for 4 secs

    • nod your head forward, feeling the back of the neck lengthen for 4 secs, and reverse to tilt your head back, chin rises up for 4 secs

    • slowly shake your head no, turning as far as you can to each side x 2

    • repeat this section

4. Release your neck - head circles -

  • starting small and slow, draw a circle in the air with the crown of your head, clockwise,

  • continue to draw the circle larger and larger, until you have reached the full extension of your neck,

  • come back to neutral and start over drawing the circles counter clockwise

5. Wake up - massage -

  • start with the same space between your shoulder and neck, but with the left hand holding the left side, and the right hand holding the right side,

  • apply pressure with your fingers together, or separate as if playing piano

  • walk your fingers slowly up to the back of the neck applying pressure in a circular motion with your fingers

  • move slowly to the base of head, pressing with the pads of your fingers, or making fists with your hands and gently pressing with your knuckles

  • massage gently moving up toward the top of the head, decreasing pressure as you move closer to the top

  • finally massage your temples, forehead and around your eyebrows, with gentle upward pressure

4 - Lunges, jumping jacks, and push-ups

Yes, this one is to get your heart rate going and maybe even get you to break a small sweat on your brow.

Start gently if you have not been active throughout the day. Walk in place for a minute to warm up, also draw circles with your hands to warm up your wrists.

  • 8 lunges, alternating legs, (step one foot back with the heel raised, and bend + lower the knee close to the floor, straighten, step foot forward to where you began. switch legs)

  • 8 jumping jacks

  • 8 push ups

  • rest - count to 20

Repeat at least 3 times

Beginners tip: If you are new to push ups - build your strength by starting with standing push ups, with your hands against a strong counter top or window ledge.

5 - Do a household chore like washing the dishes or wiping surfaces clean

A simple opportunity for a screen break, combined with refreshing the space you are in.

All these activities can be done solo or with a co-worker or someone in your household.

Let me know how you get on!


Looking for support with designing your balanced and energizing work rhythm? Book a complimentary coaching session to explore this with a coach!

Coaching can help you thrive in the season you are in.

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