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Boost your focus this week in three steps

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Having a hard time staying focused? Feeling distracted as you go through your day? This can be challenging and frustrating: when you want to set your mind to something, but you just can't keep your head in the task.

I understand what a challenge it can be to stay focused; especially with all the different responsibilities, devices, and life happenings that we juggle each day. Through coaching, I have helped clients regain their focus and clarity. Here are three steps to boost your ability to focus. You can start right now.

Step 1 - Simplify your goal

Choose one goal at a time. Step away from the endless to-do list!

When you start your work or life day - choose one thing to work on or accomplish. At the start of the day, begin with goal that is of highest priority, so you can approach it with a fresh mind and full energy.

Tip: We all have minor or admin tasks that need to get done in a day in order to move on to other items, or in order to clear your head. Have a separate space in your to-do list or in your brain. These should not occupy your one, simple goal for the day.

2 - Add bursts of physical activity

At key moments of your work day, take 5-10 minute action breaks!

In the world we live in, it takes commitment (and community!) to help us get our bodies and minds away from our chairs and screens. When we sit for long periods of time or try to do a marathon work session on a project - unless we are in the state of flow - we end up not being as productive or sharp as time wears on. We need breaks! (And not just coffee and snack breaks!)

Tip: Don't know where to start? Set a timer for five minutes and take a brisk walk. Want a bit more challenge? Try 45 secs each of the following (or focus on one), with 15 second rests in between: jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, squats, and mountain climbers.

3 - Ruthlessly cut out distractions

Identify one of your biggest distractions and eliminate it from your work day.

We've all got those activities that steal our focus! Observe what is stealing the most energy or focus from you. Is it your phone? Is it a specific app or website? Is it a worry or thought that keeps returning? Whatever it is, try to take it out of the picture - at least for the spread of hours in the day that you would like to hold for focused work.

Get started!

When you use these three steps, you will start to open up a window of focus and clarity in your day. You will have a renewed sense of direction and energy for your hours when you need to be at your best!

Need that extra push to help you boost your focus? Book a connect call with me to discover how coaching can support you!

Through coaching, I help leaders navigate and overcome obstacles with clarity and confidence. Join our community where you get the support you need to thrive in every season!

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