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Enrich your space with art that is meaningful to you.

bespoke oil paintings and artist prints made to inspire, 
energize, and complete every room

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Is your story reflected in your space? 

Do your walls carry art that tells your story?

If your walls..

- are empty,

- are uninspiring, 

weigh you down,

don't celebrate your treasured moments,

- don't remind you of the people you love in your life


If none of the pieces in the room reflect you...

Let's collaborate on a painting that:

-  will complete your room,

- will inspire you when you need encouragement,

- will energize you every day,

- will remind you of a treasured moment and

of loved ones who have made your life meaningful.

Let's collaborate on a painting

that will tell your story. 

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I've worked with clients like you in London, San Francisco, New York, and Manila - to create fine art pieces that lift them up and complete their space. 


Here are some examples of when and why clients like you commissioned an original painting:

  • To celebrate a ​special birthday of their child

  • To celebrate a milestone in a relationship 

  • To mark a special time in their personal life 

  • To remember a loved one who has passed on

  • To commemorate overcoming an obstacle and surviving a difficult period of their life

  • To inspire their clients and tell the story of their neighborhood, in an otherwise dreary space with heavy foot traffic, in a residential building

  • To add movement, light, and beauty to a dark but functional space in a residential building 

  • To reflect the recent experiences of the community in an educational space 

Is there something or someone you would like to celebrate 

with a timeless treasure to hang on your walls? 

My original, custom-made oil paintings are made with heart 

and they are made to be enjoyed across generations. 

Let your space tell your story. 

Book a call with me or submit an inquiry in the form below to learn more about the process. 

Here's how we'd get started: 
Image by Philipp Berndt


Connect with the artist & share your vision

Image by Kamila Maciejewska


Review artist sketches and your proposed art commission agreement


Enjoy the creative process! Receive your artwork in 8 to 12 weeks.* 

  • International shipping available

  • Painting canvas sizes start at A4 

  • All paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity 

  • The artist offers NFT packages to complement your physical artwork

  • Custom artwork rates depend on size and subject matter, with payment plans available. Shipping not included

  • *Project timeline depends on size of artwork and client feedback. 

About the artist:

Nathania Aritao


I am a painter. 

I work with oil paint, pen, charcoal, chalk, pastel, and pencil. 

I work art into stretched canvas, walls, paper, wood, and digital canvasses. 

My work is full of motion, texture and story. 

I love to paint and draw bodies in motion, people embracing, portraits of age, elephants, and nature. My writing and my poetry are woven and sewn like threads into my visual work.

See more of my artwork on Instagram at 

or in my portfolio here

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Client Testimonials:

What Clients Say

"We wanted to give our daughter a piece of art that she could grow with, but yet reflected this very moment in time...

- Nina,

Ready to let your space tell your story? 

Book a call with me or submit an inquiry in the form below.

  • 30 min